2020 National Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Festival

National Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Festival, 18 Jan 2020 — 19 Jan 2020

Over the past 12 years the Festival has grown to be one of the largest displays of heavy horses in Australia.

An extensive program provides opportunities of all age groups and skill levels to participate in a relaxed and cohesive environment. 

Full commentary, demonstrations, trade and market stalls are a major part of the festival enabling the free flow of information between participants and the general public. 

Our Festival is much more than just a ‘horse show’ enabling the general public to be entertained and interact with show ring activities, visit the displays in our trade village and be able to enjoy the show with full commentary, grassed ring side seating under shade and numerous foodies vans to enjoy a full day or weekend of watching the ring activities.

We have classes on offer in areas of led Stud Stock, Heavy Trade Harness, Working Draft, Long Reining/Obstacle Course, Ridden Heavy Horse/Rider classes & Heavy Horse Dressage.   Breeds such as Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron, Gypsy Cob, Drum Horse, Friesian, Highland Pony, Fjord, Haflinger & registered partbreds - we have classes for all.

We have a new class being the ridden Concours d'Elegance and 2 additional Championship classes - Tradesman Turnout Pair and Tradesman Turnout Multiple.

Our popular Dinner Auction will also be on the Saturday night - we have lots of items to be auctioned off.

A Spit Roast and fresh salads will be on offer -$15 per person (kids under 15 years eat Free) Dinner Tickets must be pre purchased as only a limited number will be available.

The National Equestrian Centre is part of to the Werribee Park Precinct with the Werribee Zoo, Werribee Park Mansion & the State Rose Garden right next door.

Show Organiser - Rob Ronzio  P: 0408 534 881 

Secretary- Val Perkins P: 0438 599 590 E: heavyhorsefestival@gmail.com

We are thrilled to announce our judges with having the opportunity of having two international highly regarded experienced heavy horse judges Annette Noble & Elaine Ramsey from Scotland.


  • Annette Noble (Scotland) -  Clydesdales, Shires, Junior Handler, Delivery Horse, Driver classes
  • Elaine Ramsey (Scotland) -  Led partbred, Drum Horse, Gypsy cob, Fjord, Haflinger, Highland, Friesian, Percheron, Ridden Heavy Horses.
  • Elaine Ramsey (Scotland) - Tradesman & Delivery Turnout, Show Cart Turnout
  • Nea Hicks (Victoria) - Fancy Dress, Ridden Heavy Horse, Rider classes
  • Joe Lawrence (VIC)- Working Horse
  • TBA - Dressage
Entries online $10 per class
Entry on the day $15 per class
Dressage  - maximum of 2 tests per horse (pre entry only - closing date 10/01 2020 

***Please read the important information below:-
All horses entered in specified breed classes or where it states horse to be registered must be registered with the relevant Breed Society and  provide the horse registration number on entry.  The owner/leasee must be a current financial member of that Breed Society at the time of the show. Membership status will be checked directly with each Breed Society at the closing date.  

All exhibitors must complete the Participants Risk Waiver and email to heavyhorsefestival@gmail.com prior to the show.

All exhibitors not a member of the CCHSA (Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Australia) must pay the casual event insurance and complete and email the Casual Event Insurance forms to heavyhorsefestival@gmail.com prior to the show.

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By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 05/11/2019

All Entries close: 10/01/2020

Show Secretary

Val Perkins
2 Lawn Court
Connewarre Vic 3220

Phone: 0438599590
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Terms & Conditions of Entry


All persons competing in the National Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Festival (NCHHF) do so on the condition that they are bound by the rules and conditions in the schedule and entry form.


·          All competitors are to sign an indemnity form which is submitted with entries

·          All competitors not a current member of CCHSA  (Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Australia) must pay the casual event insurance as per the entry conditions..

·          All competitors acknowledge and agree as a condition of participating that neither the National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival, members, competitors, participants, officials, volunteers, medical personnel, and persons, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners and lessees of premises used to conduct the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Victoria Branch, shall be under and liability for my death bodily injury , loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me, as a result of my participation in or present at the event, except in regard to any rights I may have arising under the Trade Practices Act 1974.

Competitors acknowledge that equestrian activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage, can and do happen.  Competitors accept this responsibility on behalf of their horse handlers, employees and servants.

Competitors will ensure that:


·          Horses to be registered & exhibitors to be a current financial member of their respected breed society to be eligible to compete in all breed classes and/or where                stipulated in the program.  

·          Proof of registration to be produced if the CCHSA Victoria Branch requests.

·          No other animal or livestock other than horses are permitted in the ring.

·          All sled and log events are to be at a walk unless otherwise specified.

·          All dogs to be properly restrained and/or on a leash and under control at all times.

·          Horses can be entered twice in same section with a different competitor in driver, rider and long reining classes.

·          All instructions from stewards and nominated officials are obeyed at all times.

·          Officials have the power to disqualify or remove competitors if instructions are not obeyed.

·          Any competitor removed from competition may also have prize or appearance money withheld.

·          All harness vehicles and equipment used at the NCHHF are in sound and safe condition.

·          All horses at the NCHHF are kept under proper control at all times.

·          All horses in ridden and driven sections must be bitted (no bitless bridles accepted).

·          All horses being driven in harness or in long reins must wear winkers.

·          Covered footwear must be worn at all times in marshalling and competition areas and all competitors must be appropriately dressed for the event entered.

·          Helmets to be worn in ridden classes and must comply to Australian Standards.

·          Junior handlers/riders/drivers under 12 years of age must wear a helmet that complies to Australian Standards.

·          Any shouting, whipping or swearing will incur disqualification.

·          No alcohol is to be consumed in the competition or marshalling areas.

·          All vehicles used in competition at the NCHHF are to be of the type traditionally used by heavy horses, except where classes states otherwise. 

·          Judges and stewards decision is final.

·          Only accredited persons allowed in the competition rings.

·          No horses are allowed in the ring areas prior to the program starting on each day.

 Exhibitors to make themselves conversant with the Rules of Entry & Conditions

·          I hereby apply to enter the exhibits listed overleaf at my own risk and subject to the terms upon the conditions set out in the Society’s regulations by which I agree to be bound, and I hereby certify the above particulars to be correct.

·          This certificate of entry and the regulations shall constitute the whole agreement upon which entries are submitted and I agree that all representations and statements not appearing herein or in the regulations are hereby excluded

·          I hereby hold the society free from any liability in connection with any mistake or errors that may be made in these entries or in the catalogue of exhibits.


On Arrival

·          All exhibitors must call at the secretary’s office on entering the show to receive information and stabling allocations

·          Where the number of applications for stables/yards exceeds the number available, allocations will be made at the discretion of the committee

·          Wood shavings are the only bedding allowed at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre in stables & yards

·          Stables & yards are to be cleaned out by exhibitor on exit, or a $30 cleaning fee per stable will be billed to exhibitor.

·          A light dinner and entertainment will be available on the Saturday night $15 per person - to be pre paid with entry

·          White coats are to be worn when leading horses in led section - available for loan at the office prior to your class and must be returned on completion.

·          STALLIONS entered at the NCHHF are to wear green stallion identification discs and be handled/ridden/driven by persons over 18years old

·          ALL exhibitors are required to sign and return the CCHSA indemnity form with entry prior to entering grounds

·          ALL exhibitors not a member of the CCHSA (Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Australia) must complete the Casual Event Participant Insurance form and fee with their entry ($20 adult/$11 junior).


The appointed stewards and nominated officials shall have the right to:

·          Bar or remove any horse not in good condition or be clean, or a competitor from any class or event where a breach of safety is perceived. 

·          Order the removal from the show grounds of any entry or competitor if any horse considered by the judge or ringmaster to be laboring excessively under a load, incapable of work or a potential danger shall be removed upon request.

·          Any person that is verbally or physically abusive, harassing or bullying towards any person at our event will be asked to leave the venue, failing to leave the Police will be asked to assist .


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