Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show

Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show Society, 14 Jun 2019 — 16 Jun 2019

Terms & Conditions of Entry


RULES: The Show is conducted under the Rules and Regulations of the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show Society Incorporated and the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies.


SAFETY AND SECURITY: The Society takes all reasonable care in these matters. Please refer to the following “Notice to Ground Users”, and the Safety Regulations listed therein. The Society engages the services of Security Personnel to assist with the provision of care of all exhibits, livestock and property, but no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage to or by such exhibits, livestock and / or property.


WAIVER: Every person that is involved in an activity during the Show is required by our insurer to sign a waiver. This includes riders, volunteers, trade exhibitors, entertainers etc.


LOST PERSONS: “Lost” persons, or those seeking “lost” persons are asked to wait on the roadside outside the Police Room. Public Address announcements will be made as deemed necessary.


EARLY ENTRIES: The lodgement of early entry forms for all Sections of the Show will greatly assist Stewards and Office staff in the smooth running of the Show.


DATES: Please note that dates quoted in this Schedule, e.g. 20th May, 30th June, refer to the year of this Show. As per dates on the front page of this Schedule.


PRIZE MONEY: All prize money will be available for collection from the Cashier at the Treasury, located beside the Main Office as soon as possible after 2.00pm on the Friday of the Show. Cheques cannot be posted as a receipt is required for each payment. Ring event prize-winners are asked to note that prize money will NOT be paid on the Saturday of the Show until after the competitors have participated in the Grand Parade. Each competitor must produce a ticket to prove participation.


UNCLAIMED PRIZE MONEY: Prize money and trophies not claimed by the 30th June 2019 will be regarded as forfeited unless alternative arrangements have been made prior to this date.


LIVESTOCK: ALL livestock must enter the Showgrounds via the Bli Bli Road Gates and exit via Crushers ground


NOTICE TO GROUND USERS: The duration of the 2019 Show includes set up time pre-Show and pack-up post -Show. (The period 7th June to 19th June 2019 inclusive)


SAFETY REGULATIONS: This is a Safety Conscious Show and it is your Show. Please help to keep it safe and accident free. Normal rules and regulations of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, Sunshine Coast Council and the Show Society apply.


The Society requests the total co-operation of all Exhibitors, Competitors and Patrons in the following matters as these are requirements of our insurers and / or the Showground Management for the duration of the 2019 Sunshine Coast Show.


1.       Your co-operation is sought in reporting to the Show Safety Officer or Show Manager any situation you may consider a potential hazard or danger.


2.       The Show Safety Officer, or Nominee, has the power to instruct any Ground User to comply with the Society’s requirements at all times.


3.       All heavy vehicles and floats must be parked in designated areas as directed by parking stewards. Owners / drivers are reminded that offenders of this requirement and those who indulge in excessive speed could be responsible for serious consequences in the event of an emergency.


4.       Whilst all reasonable care is taken, the Society cannot accept any responsibility for any losses of, or damage or injury to or by, any livestock, exhibits, equipment, vehicles or any other property.


5.       Trade exhibitors are asked to note that set-up is not to commence before Thursday, 13th June and all exhibits and related display equipment, trailers, buildings, etc. must be removed from the grounds by Tuesday, 89th June at the latest.


6.       The Trade Chief Steward will oversee Trade Exhibitors who are also asked to take all reasonable care in the case of working machinery, hydraulics, cables, chemicals, pumps, hoses, pools, power tools, saws, ramps, etc. All electrical leads and appliances must meet Workplace Health and Safety standards, in particular the requirement for all leads to be buried 75mm underground or be at least 2 metres aboveground. All electrical equipment that comes onto the grounds must have a current test and tag label attached or the equipment cannot be used. These requirements will be monitored by the District Workplace Health and Safety inspector.


7.       Dogs are not permitted in the Showgrounds at any time unless it is a Guide or Companion Dog. Any dog found will be impounded as per Council regulations.


8.       Government regulations re Smoking

  • no-smoking in commercial outdoor eating or drinking areas

·         no-smoking in outdoor public places such as patrolled beaches, children’s playground equipment, major sport stadiums and within 4 metres of non-residential building entrances

  • no sales of tobacco products to children under 18 years of age
  • mandatory no-smoking and quit smoking signs
  • no tobacco advertising or competitions
  • To comply with these regulations there will be no smoking on the grounds other than in signed designated areas set aside specifically for smoking.


MEMBERSHIP:  Adult Membership is open to anyone with the annual Fee being set at $40.00 per person which is due to be paid by 31st March 2019.  Junior Memberships are also available for anyone under the age of 18 years (as at the date of the 2019 Show) with the Annual Fee being set at $15.00 per person.


This Adult Membership will entitle you to:

*       Unlimited access to the Show;

*       Voting rights at any General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting;

*       One (1) car pass for the duration of the Show - at Crushers Car Park;

*       One (1) Guest Pass for the duration of the Show

*       Reduced entry fees for all Sections


A Junior Membership will entitle you to:

*       Unlimited access to the Show;

*       Reduced entry fees for all Sections



The Sunshine Coast Show Society Inc. invites you to participate in the 2019 Annual Show – the Region’s Showcase of the best in Agricultural, Horticultural, Pastoral, Industrial and Tourism Industries.


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