Freds Pass Rural Show

Freds Pass Rural Show, 22 May 2021 — 23 May 2021


Hall, Livestock and Young Rural Achiever - Friday 7 May 

School Garden Competition – Friday 7 May

Talent Quest - Friday 21 May

Hay Stacking Competition – Friday 21 May

Tartlet of the Show - Saturday 22 May 11 am

Tart of the Show - Sunday 23 May 11 am

Classic Car Competition - 


Online entries must be accompanied by payment by PayPal (either via a PayPal account or by credit card). 


Tips on placing online entries

Only one family member or group/school representative needs to register. 


Follow the entry instructions on the site.  You can put multiple entries in for each person in the family/group by typing in the person’s name and then clicking on all the class on the right-hand side that that person wants to enter in.


Please don't type anything in the 'Exhibit' box – it is not necessary for our show.


If you are entering more than one item in a particular class eg 2 pumpkins grown by you, adjust the "Number of Entries' box near the bottom before you click on 'Add Entry'.


 “ADD BULK ENTRY" function is useful for schools or groups, for when you are entering more than one individual in the same class e.g. entering 5 children in Drawing – 9 to 12 Years.  Follow the instructions on how to type the names.


At the Checkout Page, you will be able to purchase a Show Membership if you wish, which halves the cost of adult entry fees and gives you an all-weekend show gate entry ticket (emailed to you the week before the show, as all tickets this year will be electronic to fulfil COVID Safe requirements).


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ENTRANTS IN SHOW HALL CATEGORIES:  When you get your Confirmation Email (which is different from your Acknowledgement Email which is the first one you receive), open the attachment and print your Exhibit Cards.  Cut them in half.  Keep the Exhibitor's card side yourself, (to claim prize money) and attach the Exhibit Card side to the front or side your exhibit when you bring it in to the Show Hall at the scheduled time.  

Exhibit Cards are only emailed to entrants in Cookery, Horticulture, Market Garden, Art, Photography and Craft.





Hall sections

Fri 7 May

See tables below

Show Hall


Fri 7 May

Thurs 18 May 1pm-6pm

Poultry Pavilion


10 am on day of judging

Starts Sat and Sun of the show 11am

Bird Pavilion


Fri 7 May

Fri 21 May 8am-10am

Livestock Pavilion


Fri 7 May

Fri 21 May 8am-10am

Livestock Pavilion


Fri 7 May

Sat 22 May 9.30am-10am

Young Rural Achiever

Fri 7 May

Starts Fri 21 May 8am

Livestock Pavilion

School Garden Comp

Fri 7 May

Judges will visit


Hay Stacking

Fri 21 May

Starts Sun 23, 230am

Livestock Area

Talent Quest Junior

Fri 21 May

Starts Sat 22 May 4pm

Main Stage

Talent Quest Senior

Fri 21 May

Starts Sun 23 May 12pm

Main Stage

Tartlet of the Show

Sat 22 May 11am

Starts Sat 22 May 12pm

Show Hall

Tart of the Show

Sun 23 May 11am

Starts Sun 23 May 12pm

Show Hall

Classic Cars






• Beverages & Preserves - Tuesday 18 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm
• All other Cookery - Friday 21 May, 7:30am - 11am

• Wednesday 19 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm
• Cut Flowers & all Arrangements - Friday 21 May, 7:30am - 11am

Market Garden

• Thursday 20 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

• Friday 14 May, 7.30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

• Friday 14 May, 7.30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

• Tuesday 18 May, 7:30am-10:30 & 3pm-6pm



 Friday 14 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

·         Art 

·         Photography

Tuesday 18 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

·         Craft

·         Beverages & Preserves

Wednesday 19 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

·         Horticulture (except for Cut Flowers & Arrangements)

Thursday 20 May, 7:30am-10:30am & 3pm-6pm

·         Market Garden 

Friday 21 May, 7:30am - 11am

·         Cookery (except for Beverages & Preserves)

·         Cut Flowers & all Arrangements

Click here to view location of showgrounds

By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 08/03/2021

All Entries close: 21/05/2021

Show Secretary

Show Entries
PO Box 639

Phone: 0488588202
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Terms & Conditions of Entry


Please read instructions in each class carefully, in particular size and presentation requirements.

·         Show Hall entries close Friday 1 May unless stated otherwise in specific sections.

·         Entry Fees: Non-Members $2.40; Members, Disability/Carer/Aged Pensioners, Senior Card Holders, Juniors (under 17 years) $1.20

·         No late entries will be accepted.

·         Dates for exhibits to be delivered to Show Hall can be found in each section, and below.   Both Adult and Junior entries are received on the same day.

·         If a class has size restrictions, any over-sized exhibit will not be judged

·         The Chief Steward may place in the correct class exhibits considered to be entered in a wrong class.

·         Exhibits and prize cards can be removed between 3 pm and 5 pm on Sunday 23 May, but must not be removed before 3 pm.  The Show Hall will be open from 10.30 and - 3 pm on Monday 24 May for collection of entries.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange a time for collection of exhibits and/or prize money at another time if these times are not suitable.  Exhibits not removed by 31 May will be disposed of by the committee.

·         Prize money and prizes will be distributed from the Show Office during the Show on:

Saturday from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm; 3.30 pm to 5 pm

Sunday from 10 am to 11.30 am; 1 pm to 3 pm.

Prize Money (unless stated otherwise)

Adults                         1st $10, 2nd $6, 3rd $4

Junior                          1st $8, 2nd $4, 3rd $2 

Best in Section           Rosette & $20

All exclusive of GST.  Prize Monies unclaimed by 31 May will be forfeited.



·         All animals must be healthy and free from disease. Any animal that is, in the opinion of the Livestock Steward not healthy or is diseased is to be removed immediately from the showgrounds.

·         Livestock Movement Biosecurity Requirements - Persons bringing any of the following animals to the Freds Pass Rural Show, either for competition, demonstration or display, must meet the requirements of the Livestock Act and Livestock Regulations:

o   cattle and buffalo

o   horses, including mules and donkeys

o   sheep, goats and pigs

o   alpacas, camels and llamas

o   deer

o   bees

o   crocodiles

o   there are no restrictions on moving poultry or birds.           

·         All cattle, goats, pigs, deer and sheep entering the showgrounds must be identified with a NLIS device and must be accompanied by a complete waybill which includes the property identification (PIC) of the property of origin. The Steward will issue waybills for these animals leaving the Showgrounds. The Freds Pass Rural Show will complete the upload of movement records to the NLIS Database.

·         Livestock returning interstate or below the tick line must have a clean Inspection and supervised treatment.

·         For further information contact The Regional Livestock Biosecurity officer Rob Wait on 08 8999 2034 /0401 115 802

Delivery & Collection

Cattle and goats are to be delivered to the Livestock Pavilion on Friday 21 May, 8 am to 12 noon.  

Exhibits may be removed between 3.30 pm and 6 pm on Sunday 22 May.

Entries Close:  Friday 7 May (unless otherwise stated)

Entry Fees:      Non-Members $2.40; Members and Pensioners $1.20

Prize Money:  First $10;   Second   $6 ;  Third $4  (unless otherwise stated)

All exclusive of GST.  Prize Monies unclaimed by 31 May will be forfeited.

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