Ranch Show 30th Jan/AO Youth Show 30-31 Jan 2021

Gatton Quarter Horse & Performance Association, 30 Jan 2021 — 31 Jan 2021

OWNERS  DECLARATION: UPON ENTERING THIS COMPETITION, I AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING -  I hereby apply to enter the above show on this entry form in the event numbers indicated. I have read the RULES & CONDITIONS and make this application and agree to abide by them at all times. I hereby release the said association from any claim or loss to myself, employee, horse and equipment

1. Enter the Exhibitor/Handler AND YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER
2. Enter the Exhibit AND THE HORSE'S REG NUMBER - this is your registered horse name
3. To begin entering classes, please click the drop down menu on the right hand side. Click each class relevant to the LHS fields (Exhibitor & Exhibit). After you have chosen ALL the relevant classes and/or nights for camping and stabling, CLICK "ADD ENTRY" this will take you to a "pop up" screen where you need to enter the details of the exhibit. Please do this for each HORSE/HANDLER. 
Once you have completed this section, click continue and you will be taken to a new screen. If you require a stable, you may to add a stable deposit for each stable. 
4. Check over your totals and proceed to the payment section. You can go back and adjust your entries at any time. 
5. Entering MULTIPLE HORSES: Do the process above for ONE HORSE, then to add an addition horse (can only be in different classes to first horse), enter the exhibit (reg horse name), click the tick boxes with its classes and then ADD ENTRY - you will be taken to the pop up screen to enter these horse details.  
6. MAKE SURE you check the amount of OFFICE FEES on the next page to be relevant PER HORSE entered - this will be checked and adjusted as required.
7. Stable Deposits - please ensure you have the CORRECT amount of deposits entered. You may need to change the amounts on the second screen. 



Please make sure you email gqhpa.shows@gmail.com with your breed membership and registration papers as the show secretary REQUIRES this information to approve your nominations.

All youth MUST have a parent/guardian signatory with them during the show/s duration. Please ensure parents complete the YOUTH PERMIT section. This is MANDATORY for ALL YOUTH COMPETITORS!!!! 

PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME ENTERING YOUR NOMINATIONS. If you need any assistance filling in the forms, firstly read the instructions. Second, EMAIL the show secretary at gqhpa.shows@gmail.com. Thirdly, if you are still stuck, please contact the show secretary via   phone. Debbie - 0413 381 914 - please appreciate our show secretary may not be available at all times. 


Click here to view location of showgrounds

By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 21/12/2020

All Entries close: 24/01/2021

Show Secretary

Debbie Kenny
PO Box 619

Phone: 0413 381 914
Website: www.gqhpa.org.au


Terms & Conditions of Entry

Rules and Conditions

·         Led 2 year olds cannot compete in ridden events and vice versa.

·         Only horses aged 3 & over can compete in Ranch Riding classes.

·         Gatton QH & PA inc reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor.

·         Judges decision is final, any protests must go through AQHA rulings.

·         Back Numbers will be allocated per horse and rider combination and must be displayed when competing – NO back number or INCORRECT back number = no placing.   

·         Gatton QH & PA Inc will take no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft to any persons/horses, vehicles or property whilst at these shows. All competitors compete at their own risk. 

·         Classes marked with a * are non point scoring AQHA classes.

·         Show secretary requires all horse registrations and current membership cards for the show year. These will need to be shown & copied each year as per AQHA recommendations.

Code of Conduct

No alcohol is allowed in, or can be consumed in the marshalling areas, working areas or show pen/contestant areas.

 Competitors/participants at any event run by GQPHA have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of their horses and at all times to treat their horses humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion. Competitors/participants are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and act with integrity in all dealings with the Affiliate and other competitors. To uphold the rules and regulations of the GQPHA demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times, showing respect for your fellow competitors and officials, following the rules and to treat people in the way you yourself wish to be treated.

All youth competing or taking part in an AQHA approved event must have written permission from their parent/guardian to be at that event as a contestant or participant and in the case of a contest, the parent/guardian must also sign the entry form.

At all AQHA approved shows, on each day of show, 1 hour prior to the commencement of the show and 1 hour after the cessation of the show, there will be no training equipment allowed in the immediate marshalling area and the performance arena and dress regulations of cap/hat, long western style pants, safe enclosed footwear and a shirt with sleeves must be worn.

Exhibitors shall not approach the judge for any reason prior to the completion of the judging, unless the exhibitor has finished exhibiting and the request must be made through the Ring Steward.

No exhibitor will request information from the judge, or the decisions made by the judge, concerning any exhibit at a show, on the day of the show or within the immediate 7 days following the show.


All youth competing or taking part in an AQHA approved event must be in the care of a responsible adult who is in attendance for the duration of that event, whilst the youth is in attendance at that event.

PRIVACY POLICY available to view at www.gqhpa.org.au


All people at the gathering must complete a sanitising protocol prior to leaving the grounds – including the sanitising of their equipment/tack, this is for the safety of this person, family and other persons that they will come in contact with after this gathering.

This show is subject to QLD State Government COVID19 regulalations

80.4 Safety Helmets:  It is optional that an exhibitor can wear a safety helmet which conforms to the current Australian Safety Standards in all classes except:

a) That it is mandatory that all exhibitors wear such helmets in the Hunter Hack class and when schooling over fences;

b) All Youth competitors must wear such helmets when competing in all English classes, speed classes, lead line and walk and jog/trot classes;

Speed classes are defined as classes where speed is the determining factor and include, but are not limited to, working cow horse, figure of eight, barrel racing, flag, key hole and pole bending;

c) The chin strap must be securely fastened under the chin at all times during competition and practice.

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