Temuka & Geraldine Agricultural & Pastoral Society, 06 Mar 2021

Winchester Show

Entries close
Horse & Pony:  Friday 19 February 2021
Produce Shed: Friday 26 February 2021
Wool: Friday 12 February 2021
Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables: 3 March 2021
Photography: 5 February 2021 - post to PO Box 108, Timaru 7940 for pre-judging.

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By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 28/12/2020

All Entries close: 21/02/2021

Show Secretary

Teresa Heap
PO Box 108
Timaru 7940
New Zealand

Phone: 027 488 0777


Terms & Conditions of Entry

The Temuka & Geraldine A & P Association hereby adopts By-laws of the Royal Agricultural Society, and agrees to abide by these By-laws, which are available for inspection on request from the Secretary. All entries to be accepted on these conditions:
1 Exhibits must be on the Showgrounds & ready for Judging at the following times:
All White and Black & Coloured Wool to be in the Wool Room by Monday 1 March 2021 9am sharp
Friday 6 March: Shed 5.30pm.
Saturday 6 March: Horses & Ponies 8.00am; Geraldine PC Trophy 7.45am; Sheep, Goats 9am; Vegetables, Grain & Seed 9.30am,
2 Gate Passes will be allocated to exhibitors who have paid $10.00 or more in entry fees.
3 Cups and Trophies may be presented on Show Day and photographed but must be handed back immediately.
4 All prizes not claimed within six months after the date of the Show will be forfeited to the Association.
5 Refunds: 80% of Entry Fee on production of a Veterinary Certificate & Doctor’s Certificate or at discretion of the organising committee (on the day of the show).
6 Allocation of Points: Standard Points: First 6 points; Second 4 points; Third 2 points; V H C 1 point (no points if less than five entries.) Champions 2 points; Reserve Champion 1 point extra. In the event of no competition, only half points awarded. Competition means two or more exhibitors, whose exhibits are judged competing for the prize or prizes in the particular class for which prizes are awarded. Ties to count 1 win each. For points prizes no additional points will be awarded for Supreme or Grand Champion. In the event of two exhibitors or more gaining equal points, the exhibitor gaining most first prizes will be declared the winner. If points are still equal the exhibitor being awarded most championships will be declared the winner.
7 All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor & the exhibitor must have grown all produce. All stock must be the property of the exhibitor 30 days prior to the official date of entries closing & in the case of Sheep, exhibitors must own a registered brand. The pet lamb classes are exempt from this condition.
8 Where a Class has an age qualification, this is 1 March.
9 Improper Conduct: Any exhibitor or other person interfering or using insulting or improper language to a Judge or any other Officer of the Association, in regard to the execution of their duty, or being guilty of improper conduct on the Show Ground, may be disqualified from exhibiting at future Shows of the Association, and, if a prize taker, shall be liable to have all his/her unpaid prize forfeited at the discretion of the Committee of the Association whose decision is final.
10 Disqualified Persons: Should any person or firm be disqualified or suspended by a kindred or Metropolitan Association, the Committee of
the Association shall have power to endorse such disqualification or suspension, should they see fit.
11 All protests must be in writing, and may be lodged with the President within one hour from the completion of the class judged, together with a deposit of Horse Section $50.00 cash, Cattle and Sheep Section
$20.00 cash and all other sections $10.00 cash which shall be returned should the protest be sustained.
If the protest be lodged before the judges proceed to their duties, the onus of proof will rest with the exhibitor, if after that the onus of proof will be with the party protesting. No protest will be accepted later than one hour after the prize tickets are affixed. The Temuka and Geraldine A&P Assn. Committee, or not less than five members thereof, will decide all protests as soon as practicable, and there shall be no appeal from their decision.
12 Exhibitors may arrange for the SALE OF STOCK, etc, but the sale shall not take place prior to 4.00pm unless the Executive give a consent in writing, signed by the Secretary. No advertising allowed. No stock shall be removed from the ground until after 3.30pm. NOTE: All stock entries can be removed from grounds after 3.30pm; all other sections must not be uplifted till after 4.00pm. Permission to remove exhibits from any classes before stated times must be obtained from the Secretary & will only be considered in special circumstances.
13 The Association will not be responsible for any accident, loss or damage that may be caused to or suffered by any exhibit, or which may be caused directly by any other exhibit, notwithstanding any alleged negligence on the part of any officer or servant of the Association and it shall be condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Association indemnified against any class in respect of any such accident, loss or damage caused by any exhibit of such exhibitor.
14 The Committee will not, under any circumstances, hold themselves responsible for the loss, damage or miss-delivery of stock, produce, goods etc exhibited at the show.
15 Exhibitors & spectators are advised that the Association carries a Public Insurance Risk Policy for the day of the Show.
16 The Association holds records of names & addresses of all Members & Exhibitors and photos of competitors/exhibitors maybe posted on the Temuka and Geraldine A&P Association website.
Important Health & Safety Information - For Exhibitors and Competitors
• Livestock exhibitors and competitors must follow the instructions of Marshals and Officials.
• Exhibitors and competitors are responsible for ensuring their animals are kept in control at all times.
• The Temuka & Geraldine A&P Association reserves the right to order the immediate removal from the Showgrounds of any animal it considers dangerous, unruly or unmanageable.
• Livestock exhibitors must ensure they keep walkways clear and that no dangerous equipment or chemicals are accessible to the public.
Important Notice to All Dog Owners and Handlers
Your dog is welcome at the Temuka & Geraldine A&P Association Show at the Winchester Domain. Please note the following:
• Your dog must be under your control at all times and on a lead as per the Timaru District Council Bylaws for dogs in public places.
• Any injury or damage caused by your dog will be charged for.

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