Alstonville Agricultural Society, 26 Oct 2018 — 27 Oct 2018

COST $20 +GST ($22) per year (Commences 1st April)

Allows members to attend Annual General Meeting.
Nominate members to be elected to the Committee
1 Vote per member
Free Parking in grounds at Show time
Free Admission of member & member’s children up to 12years on both days of the Show


Official Opening and Announcement of Showgirl winners approximately 12noon Saturday. Grand Parade 2pm

In Conjunction with the Grand Parade there will be 3 x $20 draws for the Cattle Participants and 3 x $20 draws for the Horse Participants

Entries open: 01/07/2018

All Entries close: 26/10/2018

Show Secretary

Leah Worboys
PO Box 246
Alstonville NSW 2477, NSW 2477

Phone: (02) 6628 0358


Terms & Conditions of Entry


EXHIBITS – Must be brought to the ground and placed where directed at the allocated times in each section
REMEMBER – All prize winners in Section 2 must parade at such time as the Committee may direct
NO DECORATIONS - Animals exhibited must not be decorated with any previous awards during the show. Decorations received at the show are permissible.
CAMPING FEES – Anyone camping on our grounds will be charged at camping rates per day. Bookings must be made prior to the 26th October

1. The Exhibition will be opened on the 2nd day at 2pm
2. Exhibitors of livestock for competition must on their entry form state the age and breed; the age to be computed as from 1st October for Stud Cattle.
3. Exhibitors must comply with the conditions of the schedule of prizes offered under all sections. 
4. All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor; all produce to be the production of the person exhibiting and the manufactures of the work of the exhibitor. Any breach of this regulation will render the exhibitor liable to forfeiture of any prize that may have been awarded and the exhibitor also open to disqualification for future exhibitions.
5. No exhibitor or other person than the Stewards will be allowed in the section of the ground or building during the judging. Attendants actually in charge of stock may hold no communication with the judge except through the Stewards. Any person so offending will be liable to forfeit their claim to any prize and it shall be the duty of the Stewards to prevent any persons interfering with the judges, and if necessary, order removal of such offenders from the ground.
6. The entry of any exhibit will be considered a guarantee as free from disease. In cases of infectious disease being spread by the violation of the rule, exhibitors may be held liable for any loss that may result from this act.
7. The Committee will take all reasonable care for the safety of the exhibits, but the Society will not be held responsible for any accident or loss that may occur to, from or by an exhibit during the Show, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor hold the Society blameless and indemnify it against legal proceedings arising from such accident or loss.
8. The owner or exhibitor of any exhibit must, immediately upon notice to do so from the Executive Committee or other body of officers appointed for the purpose remove such exhibit from the ground and such owner or exhibitor shall have no claim for refund of entrance of other fees which may have been paid.
9. Exhibitors when called upon by the Committee or their delegated authority, shall furnish proofs, written or oral, of the correctness of their entry.
10. Exhibitors shall under the direction of the Stewards, if so required, arrange their exhibit, and no exhibit must afterwards be removed without the sanction of the Steward, under penalty of being removed from the ground and the forfeiture of any prize money which may have been awarded to it, and the Society or Stewards or the officers shall not incur any responsibility by such removal.
11. The Judges shall withhold any prize, if they are of the opinion that there is not sufficient merit to justify an award. If there is absolute equality of merit the judges are instructed to divide the prize and in cases where there is a second prize, this shall be divided with the first. The judges may recommend to the Committee, but not award, additional prizes not provided for in the schedule.
12. As soon as the judges have made their award in any class, prize exhibits shall be distinguished by different coloured ribbons or cards, Blue – 1st, Red –  2nd, White – 3rd,  Yellow – 4th where stated.
13. No animal exhibit shall be decorated with any previous award while being judged.
14. The Stewards shall have power to remove from the ground any exhibit for which the exhibitor refuses to accept the official award or from which he shall remove any ribbon or tickets placed thereon by the Society’s Officers.
15. Any exhibitor or member who shall insult any judge acting for the Society during the holding of the Show by word or action may, at the direction of the Committee be either fined any sum of not less than $2 or be expelled from the Society.
16. Any exhibitor committing a breach of any of the above regulations may, in addition to any other penalty to which he may be liable, be disqualified by the Committee for such period as they may determine. Every such disqualification shall be reported to all other Societies belonging to the Association and shall extend to all shows held by them during the period for which it is imposed. 
17. Protests against any award must be lodged in writing with the Secretary at his/her office, on the showgrounds, not later than 6.00 pm on the last day of the Show. Every protest must state the grounds of the protest and be accompanied with a sum of $10.00, this deposit to be liable for forfeiture if on any inquiry; the Committee shall consider it frivolous. The party making the protest shall attend with witnesses or other evidence to have the matter inquired into. No entries will be received for any prizes offered by this Society, except on the express conditions that all disputes, objections and protests shall be decided by the Committee or those to whom they may delegate this duty.
18. No members whose subscription is in arrears shall be entitled to any of the privileges of membership.
19. All the Society’s prizes to be collected by exhibitors before the end of the Show, except for the Pavilion Sections as stated. No prize money will be posted.
20. Any exhibitor who shall make a false report or give misleading information regarding any exhibit shall be held to have forfeited any prize gained by these means.
21. All exhibits, unless otherwise provided, must be delivered onto the Showground and removed at the owner’s risk and expense.
22. In case any dispute shall arise as to the interpretation of these rules, the same shall be determined by the Committee, and their decision shall be final.
23. Exhibitors who may require wall, table or grouped space of a special character in or outside the building must make written application to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the Show.
24. The Committee reserves the right to reduce the prize list by 36% in the event of adverse circumstances interfering with the Show, but every effort will be made to adhere to the published lists.
25. Any request for prize money to be paid to any person other than the exhibitor must be in writing, the Society to be indemnified against loss or theft.
26. Any dogs brought onto the Showground must be under strict control and will be the responsibility of the owner.
27. No electric fences to be used on the showground
28. Attention is drawn to the fact that all calves paraded with their mother to be not more than 8 months old.
29. Exhibitors should be aware that animals at foot are entered in a calf class cannot be shown on the dam as a cow and calf unit. Similarly any animal shown on the dam cannot be entered in the calf class.
30. No child under 12 years is to restrain or lead a bull. All persons MUST be suitably trained in handling and control
31. Horse Health form MUST be completed on the day of competition. NO EXCEPTIONS

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