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Southland A & P Association, 07 Mar 2020

Welcome to the registration pathway for the Trade Sites at the Southland A&P Show. Hopefully you can find your way around this site to make your reservation for your site. If you have trouble please contact us at and we will be able to help you out. 

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Entries open: 10/10/2019

All Entries close: 01/02/2020

Show Secretary

Tabitha Hazlett
PO Box 5092, Invercargill 9843
Phone 03 215 6639,
New Zealand

Phone: 0273852093


Terms & Conditions of Entry

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Terms and Conditions for 2020 Southland A & P Show 
Site Application 
1. By submitting the Trade Application Form you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the 2020 Southland A & P Show. 
2. The Southland A & P Association may accept or decline any application for exhibiting rights. 
3. No Exhibitors/Vendors can move to any other space other than what has been allocated. Any person infringing regulations without permission in writing or from an authorized officer of the Southland A & P Association will incur expulsion from the Showgrounds. 
4. The Southland A & P Association will endeavour to offer Trade Space customers their first option of the same site each year. To ensure you have the same site as last year complete the Trade Space Application Form and return it before the 15th December. In some instances changes to the grounds layout may impact on this. We will do our best to provide a similar position within the park. Ultimately the Society reserves the right to move any exhibitor as they deem necessary. Applications received after this date, are NOT GUARANTEED the same site as the previous year. 
5. All Food providers and sellers must comply with the Invercargill City Council Temporary Food Stall Guidelines
6. All Trade Space fees must be paid in full no later than 10th February 2020 to fully confirm sites. 
7. If full Trade Space fees are not received by the due date the site may be offered for resale. 
8. The Southland A&P Committee reserve the right to increase charges as and when required. 

9. The Southland A & P Show will be open to public Saturday 7th  March 2020.
10. The gates will be open to the public from 9.00am to 4.00pm. 
11. Exhibitors must have their stands fully operational during the advertised opening hours of the show. Personnel must be in attendance between the hours 9.00am-4.00pm. No exhibitor’s display to be removed from the showgrounds until after 4.00pm Saturday. Note: Public safety is of paramount importance so ensure all care taken is while setting up and dismantling your site. 

12. The Event Coordinator or other person appointed by the Southland A & P Association, has the power to enter an Exhibitor’s site at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which in their opinion may cause offence to the public, or is not in keeping with the requirements of the Association. 
13. Trade Exhibitors must display Company Name and site number, minimum size A4, in plain view for identification purposes. 
14. The grounds will be marked out the week preceding the show and exhibitors will be able to set up from Thursday March 5th  2020. 
15. All displays must be set up by 8.45am Saturday 7th March 2020. 
16. All sites will be measured using the Association measuring wheel. This measuring wheel will be the official measurement tool for all display sites. 
17. Exhibitors must take all steps to ensure their site is returned to its original condition within four days following the closing of the Show. Failure to do so will result in the exhibitor having to pay extra costs. 
18. Any exhibitor leaving rubbish on sites will be liable for a fine of $200 as well as the cost of removing the rubbish. 
19. Any cattle or deer included as part of a Trade Display must have completed all TB testing requirements as per Animal Health Board TB testing regulations. All stock must be identified as per NAIT requirements Please contact the Show Secretary if you intend on having Cattle as part of your Site.
20. Any sheep included as part of a Trade Display must include a Brucellosis Certificate with their Trade Application Form. 
21. Any alpacas/llamas included as part of a Trade Display must belong to a clear TB herd where whole herd testing is performed in accordance with the AANZ Voluntary TB Scheme and must include a TB Certificate with their Trade Application Form. 

22. An Electrical Application Form needs to be completed and sent with the Site Application Form. A fee is charged for each site needing power.
23. All portable electrical equipment on site must have a current electrical test and tag, complying with NZS3760 wiring regulations. All catering sites (caravans etc) must have a current electrical WOF NZS3019. 

Insurance, Security and Vehicles 
24. Exhibitors/Vendors are advised to arrange personal insurance cover for their own property. 
25. All Exhibitors/Vendors must have public liability insurance for an amount not less than $2,000.00. Proof of this cover or an affidavit is to be produced for the Southland A & P Association if requested. The Southland A & P Association will not be responsible for any claim. 
26. During the hours between 8pm – 7am on Friday the grounds will be patrolled by security guards. 
27. The Southland A & P Association will take all care but will not be responsible for any losses or damage incurred at this event. 
28. Trade Exhibitors are allowed one vehicle only inside the showground’s to set up their site but it does not allow for the vehicle to remain parked inside the showground’s. All vehicles must be out of the grounds by 8.30am. Parking will be available for all Exhibitors/Vendors as per the provided map.
29. All vehicles coming into the showground’s must have Trade Space Carpark Pass in the front windscreen. 
30. Public Safety is paramount – authorized vehicles only may driven inside the showground’s to a maximum speed of 5km. Exercise extreme care. 
31. No vehicles are permitted to remain inside the Show area during Show hours unless on the Exhibitors site as part of the overall display. 
32. Vehicles with sheep foot roller and/or weight exceeding 2 ton give notification to the show coordinator. 

Exhibitor Admission 
33. Exhibitors/Vendors must carry their admission tickets at all times. 
34. Tickets will be allocated as outlind in relevant registration paperwork.
35. Additional tickets may be purchase at $7 per ticket. 

Health and Safety 
36. Trade Exhibitors/Vendors must follow the instructions of show officials and marshals.
37. Any fire or bbq appliance must be compliant with fire safety requirements.
38. Trade Exhibitors must comply with local body bylaws and requirements and Acts of Parliament (including OSH Act and its amendments), which govern the erection of structures, the display and/or sale of machinery, vehicles and/or other products or goods of the Exhibitors and Aviation Safety Regulations. Trade Exhibitors are responsible for preparing and monitoring a Health and Safety audit for their site by identifying, isolating or managing any potential hazards for staff, volunteers, contractors and the public. 
39. Trade Exhibitors are responsible for briefing all staff and volunteers working on their site regarding the Health and Safety planning and monitoring of their site. 
40. Trade Exhibitors are required to have suitable, approved fire extinguishers on their stand at all times. 
41. All Trade Exhibitors using a heating appliance or apparatus must provide an appropriate non-flammable separation area of at least 2 meters wide between the public and the apparatus. 
42. There is to be No Smoking inside any marquees or showgrounds buildings. 
43. No Trade Exhibitor shall install or maintain any LPG container greater than 10 kg. All compressed gas cylinders must be secured against tipping and must have snap couplings. 
44. The Southland A & P Society reserves the right to order immediate removal from the showground’s of any exhibits it considers dangerous, offensive or unmanageable. 
45. Each Trade Exhibitor must keep all display equipment and signs within their allocated site boundaries. 
46. All tent and marquee pegs must be covered with sandbags, shrubs or other suitable cover as must other dangerous spikes, protruding objects. 
47. Trade Exhibitors must ensure that they keep walkways clear and no dangerous equipment or chemicals are accessible to the public. 
48. Trade Exhibitors are reminded that no exhibit shall be removed from the showground’s until after 4pm on the 7th  March 2020. 
49. The First Aid Station is located beside the Hospitality Tent. 
50. Accidents and hazards must be reported to the Trade Marshall or the Executive Officer at the A & P Office. 

Food and Hospitality 
51. Exhibitors providing hospitality must inform the Society. 
52. No alcohol is allowed off any site. 
53. The Southland A & P Society has adopted a “No glass” policy for exhibitors offering hospitality. 
54. Exhibitors offering hospitality should apply the Host Responsibility Policy and be responsible Hosts. The Southland A&P accepts no responsibility for your guests. 
55. The sale of food or confectionery lines, other than from approved outlets is prohibited. 
56. Raffle tickets can be sold by non profit organizations as long as it is done from their site or prior approval has been sought from the Southland A & P Association.

57. Sponsorship opportunities exist for Exhibitors and can be negotiated by contacting the Southland A & P Association.
58. Advertising opportunities exist for Exhibitors and can be negotiated by contacting the Southland A & P Association.
59. The privilege of distributing advertisements or other documents is restricted exclusively to Exhibitors at their respective stands. Placards or advertisement posted without authority will be removed. 

60. No exhibit shall erect scaffolding above the height of 2m for the purpose of signage. The Committee reserves the right to remove any signage they deem inappropriate. No signage shall be erected outside of their measured site without the permission of the Trade Marshall. 

Use of Exhibitor Information 
61. By completing the Trade Space Application form the exhibitor agrees that the Southland A & P Association acknowledges that: (i) Exhibitor information details can be shown as part of the Southland A&P information. (ii) Exhibitor details can be made available to the media for use in compiling the show newspaper supplements, for human interest stories, as well as for programme preparation and for the Southland A&P to use in promotional and educational material about the Show. (iii) Exhibitors details can be made available to nominated companies that have exhibit resource materials provided that the Southland A&P believes them to be reputable. (iv) Exhibitor and company details given to the Southland A&P on the Trade Space Application Form will be directly transferred and used as the company listing in the Trade Exhibitors list in the programme. Exhibitors should clearly state the correct company name which will be publicized. 

62. No exhibitors display to be removed from the showground’s until 4.00pm Saturday. Dismantling of sites may take place anytime after 4.00pm on Saturday afternoon. Displays must be completely removed from the grounds by the Tuesday after the show. 
63. Exhibitors whose items remain on the property after the Wednesday will be liable for any costs incurred (legal or otherwise) plus a storage fee of $50 per day until the items are removed from the showground’s. 
64. Exhibitors are to take special care while setting up and dismantling their display as public and young children may be walking freely in the area. 
65. Any contamination or damage to sites caused by exhibitors will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to rectify. 

66. In the unlikely event the Southland A&P finds it necessary to cancel or postpone the show, this contract will cease to operate upon notice to the effect, signed by the President of the Southland A&P, being served on the Exhibitor in any of the following ways: posting to the address listed on the Trade Space Application Form, or by handing or offering it to any person, who appears or is thought by the Southland A&P to be an agent or employee of the Exhibitor, or by telephone call to the Trade Exhibitor. 
67. The Southland A&P shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for any compensation whatsoever as a result of the cancellation or postponement of the Show. 
68. If the show is abandoned or postponed due to any reason beyond the control of the Society, the Society is under no obligation to refund in whole or in part any payments made by the exhibitors. Any refund will be at the discretion of the discretion of the Southland A & P Association. 

 Exhibitor Cancellation 
70. If an exhibitor should cancel the contract or terminate a site booking: - (i) on or after 31 December 2019 the Southland A&P will retain all monies received. (ii) prior to the 31 December 2019, any refund shall be at the Southland A&P discretion, notwithstanding that a portion shall be retained to defray expenses/costs. 
71. The Southland A&P has the right to cancel this agreement and to retain any monies paid in relation to this contract if the exhibitor (i) infringes any of the exhibiting conditions, and/or (ii) does not occupy the site during the full period of the show to which this contract applies and/or (iii) does not complete the site by 9.00am on Saturday 7th March 2020. 

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