Southland A & P Show

Southland A & P Association, 07 Mar 2020 — 08 Mar 2020

Spring into the Season Show - 19th October 2019.

Entries are now open for our Spring into the Season Equestrian Show. 
Entries close on the 10th October 2019.

Entry Fee: $5 per class or $40 for the whole day. 
Catalogue: $2.00
Admin Fee: $2.00


 Our ridden classes are in height sections, we would prefer but do not require current certificates to be presented. If you are unable to have your horse or pony measured before this show, a height certificate from last season is sufficient to be able to compete. You must still present with a height certificate in order to compete and be placed. This exception is only due to the time of year this show is being held.
 ‘Maiden’ classes are for horses/ponies that have not won a class at any show previously ‘Maiden’ mounts may also enter and compete in the Open classes
 Horse floats and stock transport vehicles are accepted for parking on condition that the Association accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft, injury or damage to persons or vehicles, their contents, fittings or accessories even when such loss, theft, injury or damage is attributed to any negligence on the part of the Association or any of its employees or stewards.
 The Association reserves the right to remove any vehicles parked in prohibited areas or obstructing the running of the show.
 Persons occupying grandstands or other seating accommodation on the Showgrounds do so at their own risk and no claim shall be made against the Association in respect of any loss or injury by reason of any defect or accident or by reason of any act of omission whether negligent or otherwise on the part of the Association or of any employee or agent of the Association or on the part of any other person.
 The Association through the Section Marshals reserve the right to order the immediate removal from the showground's of any animal it considers unruly or unmanageable.
 Stallions are permitted in all classes they are eligible for but must be led, be in the appropriate harness prescribed by the Breed Society the stallion is registered with, or which is prescribed by the host Show, or if ridden must be in appropriate bridle and be in total control. A Steward will order any stallion considered out of control or to be causing undue disquiet to other horses from the ring without recourse from the stallion owner/exhibitor/competitor. It is compulsory for all stallions, regardless of age, to wear identification badge at all shows at all times. These badges will be available from the Association Secretary at a cost of $2 a pair.
 Ages of all horses shall be computed as at 1st August.
 Lead Rein and First Ridden ponies are to be ridden in a snaffle bit with a single rein (No grass reins permitted)
 Ponies must be ridden by persons under 17 years of age as at 1 August 2019 with the
exception to the Maiden Classes, of which riders can be any age
 Lead rein classes are restricted to riders under 8 years of age and a minimum age of 4 years
old as at 1 August 2019. Handlers must be 14 years of age or older
 First Ridden classes are restricted to riders under 10 years of age & are not competing in any
other section at this event
 Any competitor who has administered to their horse or ponies any drug during the 7 days prior to the Show is required to notify the Horse Secretary of the Show before competing.
 The above requirements must be completed in writing and the Horse Secretary should provide facility as for scratchings and substitutions.
 Helmets must be worn by ALL competitors in ridden classes & these helmets must abide by ESNZ standards
 The committee reserves the right to combine any classes or sections due to small entries
 The judges decision is final
 NO DOGS are permitted at Donovan Park – not even tied at your vehicle/float/truck

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By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 10/12/2019

All Entries close: 10/02/2020

Show Secretary

Tabitha Hazlett
PO Box 5092, Invercargill 9843
Phone 03 215 6639,
New Zealand

Phone: 0273852093