Gatton Quarter Horse & Performance Association, 30 Jun 2019 — 07 Jul 2019

OWNERS  DECLARATION: UPON ENTERING THIS COMPETITION, I AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING -  I hereby apply to enter the above show on this entry form in the event numbers indicated. I have read the RULES & CONDITIONS and make this application and agree to abide by them at all times. I hereby release the said association from any claim or loss to myself, employee, horse and equipment


1. Enter the Exhibitor/Handler
2. Enter the Exhibit - this is your registered horse name
3. To begin entering classes, please click the drop down menu on the right hand side. Click each class relevant to the LHS fields (Exhibitor & Exhibit). After you have chosen ALL the relevant classes and/or nights for camping and stabling, CLICK "ADD ENTRY" this will take you to a "pop up" screen where you need to enter the details of the exhibit. Please do this for each HORSE/HANDLER. 
Once you have completed this section, click continue and you will be taken to a new screen. If you require a stable, you may to add a stable deposit for each stable. 
4. Check over your totals and proceed to the payment section. You can go back and adjust your entries at any time. 
5. Entering MULTIPLE HORSES: Do the process above for ONE HORSE, then to add an addition horse (can only be in different classes to first horse), enter the exhibit (reg horse name), click the tick boxes with its classes and then ADD ENTRY - you will be taken to the pop up screen to enter these horse details.  
6. MAKE SURE you check the amount of OFFICE FEES on the next page to be relevant PER HORSE entered - this will be checked and adjusted as required.
7. Stable Deposits - please ensure you have the CORRECT amount of deposits entered. You may need to change the amounts on the second screen. 

OFFICE FEES -         Winter Sun Classic $15 PER HORSE

                                     AmQHA Show $10 PER HORSE + LEVY $14

                                     Sunshine State QH Show $15 PER HORSE


Please make sure you email gqhpa.shows@gmail.com with your breed membership and registration papers as the show secretary REQUIRES this information to approve your nominations.

All youth MUST have a parent/guardian signatory with them during the show/s duration. Please ensure parents complete the YOUTH PERMIT section. This is MANDATORY for ALL YOUTH COMPETITORS!!!! 

PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME ENTERING YOUR NOMINATIONS. If you need any assistance filling in the forms, firstly read the instructions. Second, EMAIL the show secretary at gqhpa.shows@gmail.com. Thirdly, if you are still stuck, please contact the show secretary via   phone. Karra - 0407 004 533 - please appreciate our show secretary may not be available at all times. 

Click here to view location of showgrounds

By placing an entry you accept this shows Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries open: 29/04/2019

All Entries close: 07/06/2019

Show Secretary

Karra Johnstone
PO Box 619

Phone: 0407004533
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Website: www.gqhpa.org.au


Terms & Conditions of Entry

• Gatton QH & PA Inc will take no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft to any persons/horses, vehicles or property whilst at these shows. All competitors compete at their own risk. 
• Gatton QH & PA inc reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor.
 • No pending registrations will be accepted. • ALL class entries MUST have who is exhibiting the horse on the entry form. If there is a handler/exhibitor change, the show secretary MUST be advised at least ONE HOUR prior to the commencement of the show day. 
• Novice classes – entrants MUST send a copy of their current membership card with entries. 
• AQHA rules apply to all GQHPA shows/events.
• Open to AQHA recognised registered breeds. 
• All age refers to the horse. 
• JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL - any protests must go through AQHA rulings. 
• DOGS must be on a leash at all times. NO Dogs permitted in the marshalling or main arenas. 
• All vet fees and call out fees at competitors’ expense, if required. 
• ALL horses on the grounds MUST BE ENTERED in a class.
• All buildings are NO SMOKING ZONES so please observe this ruling 
• First aid officers are available on the grounds during the show hours. 
• Every horse entered for competition shall be under the control of the Show Manager or such person/s he appoints to act on his behalf. • Only contestants in the specific classes and show officials will be allowed in the competition arena or marshalling area during the judging. 
• The Show Manager or such person he/she appoints shall have discretion to eject any exhibitor from the said area for inhumane treatment and/or training of any horse or failure to observe the Rules and Regulations of the competition and the Rules and Regulations of the AQHA or any reasonable request. Your co-operation is expected. 
• Show management may exclude horses from competition should there be any unnecessary delay on the part of the exhibitor in bringing the horse into the competition arena. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to present themselves at the competition arena gate when called. Failure to report on final call will result in disqualification from the class. In the event that a horse is excluded from entry, all entry fees and charges for the class are forfeited without liability to the show organisers/committee. 
• Show management reserve the right to change the order of classes before or during the show. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be aware of any changes which will be posted at the Show Secretary’s office and announced. Every endeavour will be made to give one hour’s notice of any changes to the running order of events; however, every effort will be made to avoid changes. 
• Any exhibitor or rider who refuses to obey the request of the Judge, Show Manager or any show official will be automatically disqualified from further competition at the show and forfeits all previous winnings together with all entry fees and other charges. At the discretion of the Show Manager or show committee, the offending individual and his/her entire exhibit may be removed from the grounds. 
• All horses must be serviceably sound. In case of suspected unsoundness the Judge and/or Show Management may, if he/she so desires have the animal examined by the Show Veterinarian and his decision shall be final. 
• NO spectators to ride any horses during the show week under any circumstances. 
• See nomination forms for stabling and camping fees. These fees must accompany entry fees. 
• Stables will be allocated and posted on each barn end. See Stable Manager to have your stable unlocked at the time of your arrival. 
• ALL stables and campsites MUST BE LEFT CLEAN and free from manure, hay and rubbish upon departure. Please see Stable Manager to check and lock your stable before you leave. 
• Only first place will be awarded if there is 3 or less competitors in the class. Classes with 4 or more in the class will be awarded prize money to third place. 
• Prize money will be paid via bank transfer following the show.
• Please ensure bank account details are correctly filled out on the nomination form for stable refunds and prize money payouts. These will be done via ShowDay Online. 
• State Show prize money – for the classes which will be chosen at random for drug testing at the show, the prize money will be sent once cleared from the testing.
• Back Numbers will be allocated per horse and rider combination and must be displayed when competing – NO back number or INCORRECT back number = no placing. Back numbers will be available at the show office. Please return at the conclusion of the show. 
• For halter classes, back number to be displayed on handlers back. For ridden classes, the back number is to be pinned on either side of the saddle blanket with the numbers displayed clearly. 
• REQUIRED for ALL shows BY JUNE 7th. EFT and cheques MUST clear 2 days before show. Cheques payable to GQHPA Inc. Credit Card payments made upon nomination. • Must be received along side the nomination forms. Bank details on nomination form. 
• Nominations will not be processed UNTIL payment has been made. 
• LATE FEE applies for late payments. $25 late fee.
Must be received by the 7 th June 2019 via ShowDay Online link. 
• NEW NOMINATIONS after this date will incur a $25 fee for each horse/exhibitor for the STATE SHOW ONLY. See Winter Sun Classic for rulings on nominations. 
• Existing nominations are welcome to enter further classes after the closing date before the show day has commenced. 
• Nominations & payments received BY 20th May are eligible for cheaper rates on stabling & camping. See nomination link for details.
• Show secretary requires all horse registrations and current membership cards for the show year. These will need to be shown & copied each year as per AQHA recommendations. 
• If your horse has changed owners, please make sure I have a copy of the NEW registration papers with the CURRENT owner. This information is required BEFORE showing. 
• An official photographer will be in attendance of ALL shows. 
• Participants by entering this event are giving permission to GQHPA to use any and all images for promotional purposes. 
• Images will be available to all entrants after the event has concluded and must contact the photographer direct. 
• Please respect that there is to be NO other professional photographers taking photos during the week (June 30-July 7) unless permission from the official photographer has been sort. *Professional photographer = one being paid for images. 
• If the show is cancelled, a full refund will be given excluding the office fees. 
• Postponed shows will require the competitor to contact the show secretary to determine if they are wanting a refund or credit. 
• NOMINATION refunds – No refunds will be given after the closing date of the entries UNLESS accompanied by a Veterinary Certificate/Medical Certificate. 
• NOTE: NO refund will be received until the certificate/s have been received by the Show Secretary no less than 7 days after the cessation of the show. Refunds exclude the Office Fee. 
• Will be paid via ShowDay Online. Please make sure you supply your bank account details for your stable deposit refund if applicable. Only refunded if stable has been checked & signed off. 
• As per AQHA rules, one hour prior to the show and one hour after the show, anyone using the marshalling or main arenas are required to be appropriately attired - Cap/Western Hat, long western style pants, safe enclosed footwear and a shirt with sleeves must be worn. See AQHA rule book for class attire. 
• Inappropriately attired individuals will be asked to leave the marshalling area. 
• As per AQHA rules, one hour prior to the commencement of the show day and one hour after the show day, there will be NO training equipment allowed in the marshalling or main arenas. RANCH RIDING CLASSES 
• Only horses aged 3 & over can compete in Ranch Riding classes. 
• No hoof polish, braided or banded manes or tail extensions. 
• See AQHA rule 95 for Ranch Riding rulings. 2 & 3 YEAR OLD CLASSES 
• Led 2 year olds cannot compete in ridden events and vice versa 
• 2 year old ridden horses can only compete in 3 classes (AQHA rule 43.2e) 
• 2 year old ridden horses cannot compete in both Junior Horse and 2 Year Old classes. Only one category can be entered. Same for 3year old ridden horses –Only 3 year old class or only junior horse category. 
Winter Sun Classic
• Entries close 7 th of June, late entries will incur a 25% extra charge of total entry fees 
• Late entries: for all events will be accepted up until 2pm on the day before the class. For horses already entered in the show futurities ONLY, a flat fee of $25 will be applied for any additional futurity classes entered. A 25% fee will occur for horses not already entered in the show. 
• Payments of prize money from ALL the shows will be via bank transfer or cheque at least 2 weeks following the show. Payouts pending Drug tests. 
• Prize money payouts may increase with sponsorship. 
• Program and prize money subject to change without notice at the Committees discretion.
• All horses entering the futurities and halter section of the Futurities, Pre State A & AA show MUST be registered with their AQHA approved respective breed association, a copy of registration papers must be supplied with entries. 
• The Classic show will be run in conjunction with the WPBG. Enquiries are still to go through the State Show Week Co-Ordinator and Shows Secretary. 
• All competitors at Classic Show must be members of AQHA or GQH&PA. All Amateurs must have a current Amateur Permit from their breed association 
• Classes in RED font and ** are GQHPA Features. 
• ** Youth Owner Feature – horse must be owned by the youth OR immediate family meaning mother, father, brother or sister ONLY. PROOF of registration is required if entering this class. 
• ** Amateur Stakes classes – Amateur owner membership must be provided to enter this class. 
• ** Halter Futurities – change of handler MUST be in the show secretary’s office at least ONE HOUR before the class. Open to all approved registered western breeds. 
• Prize money will be paid out on AA JUDGE ONLY. 
• All normal classes will be paid out prize money as follows: 1 st - $25, 2nd - $15, 3rd - $10 
• No prize money on the youth classes. 
• Prize money will be paid out via bank transfer. 
• Please ensure bank account details are correctly filled out on the nomination form for stable refunds and prize money payouts 
• 3 or less in a class, prize money will only be handed to 1st place, 4 or more are in a class then all prize money will be awarded. 
AmQHA American Show: • All Competitors at All American Show must be current members of the American QHA in their own name and the horses must be registered with the American Quarter Horses Assoc in the name of the person exhibiting the horse. 
• All registration papers and membership cards MUST be produced BEFORE the show. No papers = no entry. THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT. 
• All Amateurs must have a current AmQHA Amateur Permit. The show secretary MUST have a copy of the permit BEFORE the show. 
• All youth must ride horses registered in their name or an immediate family member. 
• The AmQHA Levy Fee covers both shows. 
 WPBG Sired Futurity Rules 
• All rules set by the Host event are to be complied with and our rules are designed to fit within the structure of those rules. 
• To be eligible to enter Sires Futurity classes the entered horse must be a nominated Sire or sired by a current nominated sire or be the resulting progeny of a service purchased through the auction. Nominated foals/yearlings are also eligible until they turn 6 years of age.
• To be eligible to enter Novice Non Pro classes you must be an Amateur or Youth that holds a Novice card. 
• Novice horse must have earned less than 20 points. 
• All owners and handler/riders of horses competing in WPBG Feature Events are required to be current financial members of the WPBG, AQHA or GQHPA. Memberships must be paid at close of show entries, a late admin fee of $20 will be added to ANY membership paid at the show. 
• Show entries close on June 7 th 2019 and may be paid by direct debit, credit card or cheque. Cheques will not be accepted after the close of entries. Only cash or credit card will be accepted after the start of the show. 
• No change of handler is allowed without advising the show office at least one hour prior to the event taking place.
• Refunds: Futurity entry fees are non-refundable except in the case of death of the horse. Substitutions may be accepted provided the substitute horse is owned by the same person. All substitutions must be approved by the show manager. Refunds for all other events may be accepted on provision of a vet certificate. A 20% administration fee will be charged on all refunds. No refunds will be paid out at the show. 
• Classes with blue font and a “*” are SIRE NOMINATED FUTURITIES. 
Sunshine State Show
• All competitors at the State Show must be financial members of the AQHA in their own name, Amateurs must have a current Amateur Permit from the AQHA. Youth are to have consent forms completed. 
• ALL handlers, strappers must be a member of either the AQHA or Gatton QH & PA. 
• Definitely NO refunds after closing date unless accompanied by current Medical or Vet Certificates. Certificates will be honoured up to one hour prior to the commencement of the show (at the discretion of the committee). If show is cancelled full refund/credit will be given, excluding office fees. Notification of refund due to vet out, must be received by GQPHA within 7 days of final of show. 
• Novice amateur owners must have novice endorsement from their respective breed associations and provide a copy with nominations. • Gatton QH & PA inc reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor 
• All classes will be run under AQHA rules, including protests. 
• Sufficient time will be given for usual gear changes, warm up time will be allowed 
• The committee reserves the right to cancel or combine any event with insufficient entries. 
• The judge’s decision is final. 
• $5 per rider for youth and amateur teams challenge will be available – please nominate horses/classes before show begins. See nomination form. 
• 3 riders per team, to be drawn and allocated before the show start. TWO classes per rider. 
• ALL enquiries/requests must be via email or phone. The Committee will address each request as required. 
• Hunter Hack – riders must wear an approved safety helmet whilst in the arena and schooling over the practice jumps. There will be a practice jump set up in the warm up area. EA rules apply to Hack & Dressage classes. Those entering the HACK classes are not eligible to enter the Show Hunter classes and vice versa.·         Dressage draws will be posted before the show. Weather pending, the classes will be held in the oval arena outside.



Drug Testing

·         It is mandatory to conduct random drug testing on a minimum of three horses. One halter horse and 2 performance horses.

·         We appreciate your cooperation with the veterinarian and show officials on this matter.


Lead Line Class

·         Must be 3-6 years of age and must be wearing an approved helmet.

·         Stirrups must be short enough for their legs OR stirrup buddies can be used. A bridle AND halter are to be used.

·         Lead line competitors are not eligible to enter any other classes at the State Show.


Youth Walk/Jog Classes

·         Must be between ages 5-10 year of age and must be wearing an Australian approved helmet.

·         A youth competing in the Youth Walk/Jog classes is ineligible to enter any other category of the Youth divisions.

·         Free entry for these classes only.


High Point Information

          High points will be calculated as per AQHA rule 45. Note that youth and amateur MUST nominate a maximum of TWO horses to count towards the High Point awards at the show.

          Nominated horses must be noted on the entry form before closing date for nominations or the first two horses used by the youth, amateur or select amateur in the show will be the only two that will count for high points.

          Points scale – 6 or more in class = 6 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th, 1 for 6th.   If 5 in class – 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, 1 for 5th… and so on for classes of 4 and below.

         If tie breaker AQHA rule g) cannot be broken, the TIE BREAKER will be broken in order of events Western Pleasure highest placing, Hunter Under Saddle highest placing and Trail highest placing in that order. For the led performance high point, the tie breaker will be broken by highest placing in Lungeline, followed by Hunter in Hand and then Led Trail.

State Show High Point Performance Horse Award Classes


Novice Amateur: – 401, 453, 458, 461, 464, 468, 475, 481, 489, 505, 511 or 531, 520

Amateur Junior: – 402, 453, 458, 461, 464, 472, 475, 482, 490, 505, 512 or 531, 521

Amateur Senior: – 402, 453, 458, 461, 464, 475, 485, 490, 498, 505, 515 or 531, 521

Select Amateur: – 403, 454, 458, 461, 464, 475, 486, 491, 501, 505, 516 or 532, 522

Youth Walk/Jog 5-10: - 404, 467, 478, 492, 508, 523

Youth 5 – 11:- 404, 452, 457, 460, 463, 469, 473, 479, 493, 503, 509 or 529, 524

Youth 12 – 14: - 405, 452, 457, 460, 463, 470, 473, 483, 494, 503, 513 or 529, 525

Youth 15 – 18: - 406, 452, 457, 460, 463, 473, 487, 495, 500, 503, 517 or 529, 526

RWD: - 407, 496, 502, 527

2 Year Old Performance: - 466, 488, 518

3 Year Old Performance: - 480, 497, 510

Junior Horse: - 450, 459, 462, 465, 471, 474, 484, 504, 514 or 530

Senior Horse: - 449, 459, 462, 465, 476, 477, 499, 506, 507 or 528

Yearling Versatility: - 445, 447, 451                         

2 Year Old Led Versatility: - 446, 448, 450

PRIVACY POLICY available to view at www.gqhpa.org.au


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