Showday Software  – the best way to run a show

Showday show management software provides tracking of entries for any size of show or club

  • Create your own schedule exactly how you want it.
  • Load entry fees and prize information along with any descriptive details you want.
  • Showday can handle any type of competition from show jumping through vegetables, home produce and photography to best baby and highland dancing.
  • You are in charge of all of your information, which can be updated when ever needed
  • With the press of a button your schedule and catalogue  will appear in Microsoft Word formatted the way you want them.

An edition for everyone

  • Whether you run a small show or a very big show there is an edition of Showday suitable for you.
  • From the Club Edition for shows with up to 750 entries to the Platinum Edition with unlimited entries there’s a version that will suit your needs with a price that will fit your pocket.
  • A one off  price to purchase the software and a set annual fee means no more guess work what your costs will be by the end of the show.

Find the best edition for your show

Internet entries

  • Let the entrants place their own entries online.
  • Internet entry is fully integrated with Showday. It’s easy to use and saves you your biggest job of all – keying in entries.
  • Let your entrants use credit cards if you want to or get them to send a cheque if you don’t. It’s safe and secure – no online entry is accepted until you approve it.

There is a lot more too. You get a real Internet presence for your show with results available on-line.

Support when you need it

  • We pride ourselves on our level of support.
  • When you buy Showday we make sure that you get up and running smoothly and that that’s the way it stays.

More benefits from using Showday software 

Get your own trial version

Get your own trial version of Showday to see how it works and to make sure that it’s suitable for you. It does almost everything that the real program does.

Send us and email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.